Analytical and consulting projects from an expert.
Questel representative in Russia. Questel patent portal access.

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Analytical Consulting Bureau proposes: 

  • analytical, consulting, information search projects in technique and technologies
  • QUESTEL ( patent databases: subscription and support in implementation
  • mastering in employment of commercial patent databases in various analytical explorations, including: 
  • studying and forecasting competitiveness, market expectations, and others
  • implementation in day-to-day work of engineers and researches. 


Consulting projects in technologies and allied areas

Goal: conceptual germination and practical support of innovation works

1. Market-oriented concepts of new products

2. Technological problems solving

3. Forecasting evolution of products or technologies. Forecasting concepts development

4. Deepened patent explorations based on Questel service

5. Design concept

6. Modern analytical methods, TRIZ, authorized methodology, Questel tools, etc. are used

Informational and analytical projects from an expert

Goal: to support decision-makers in promoting new products and techs

1. Examination of expediency for investing in venture projects (appraisal of risks for investment)

2. Forecasting competitiveness for new products/technologies

3. Evaluating risks of depreciation of intellectual property over concrete territories

4. Revealing and analyzing trends

5. Revealing innovative competitors, etc.

6. Advanced Questel service is used in analytics

QUESTEL ( patent portal: subscription and consulting in implementation

Goal: implementing modern approaches and methods to accelerate innovation cycle

Subscription on remote access to QUESTEL patent service (patents, designs, trademarks databases; analytics)

Support and consultations in QUESTEL patent service usage

Teaching methods for working with Questel ( patent service

1. Teaching methods for search and analysis using QUESTEL patent service

2. Mastering use of QUESTEL service for various kinds of analytical projects

3. Mastering in innovative approaches for day-to-day R&D

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